Krazy Kringle

So this year you have decided to do a KRAZY KRINGLE for Christmas. Well, why not? It is such a fun way to give Christmas presents.

But you need a randomised list of names! Up to now this has been done by drawing names from a hat (or bowl or whatever is handy)! No longer – this app allows you to create a list of names and then with one click randomise the list. Then as each person takes part you can tick the name off the list. Not only that, you can set up multiple lists, store these and edit them prior to next year’s KRAZY KRINGLE.

Everyone brings a wrapped gift and places it under the tree. The first person can only choose a gift from under the tree but each subsequent person can take a gift from under the tree OR pinch the gift from a previous person. If a previous gift is pinched then the person that loses their gift chooses another gift from under the tree (OR depending on the rules can pinch someone else’s present, which leaves that person to choose another present from under the tree)! This continues until everyone has a gift.


There are many variations on the rules, so set these up in advance. For instance, presents can be opened as they are chosen or all together at the end. Variations on how the pinching is to be done are also common, such as allowing presents to be pinched from anyone or just the person immediately prior. Another rule commonly used specifies that a present can only be pinched once.
Set up this app in advance by creating a list for the occasion – with the names of all those who are taking part. Once you randomize the list of people in the app, you can tick them off as they chose their present.

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